# 1172

Elsa Dress Retro  (Not Free)
Mesh w/ Texture Change Hud 

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# 1171

Starts Event March 1

 Addie Jacket with Shirt     (Olala Fashion Event)
Mesh w/ Texture Colors Change Hud

 Naomi   (Olala Fashion Event)

Jessica - (Free Gift)

.::Precious Designs::. 
Dont Go SH (Boots)   (Not Free)

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# 1170

 Cookie Catsuit  (Not Free)
w/ Appliers Included
***8 Colors Available***
 by Flair For Events

Hair Sloan   (Not Free)

Naomi    (Olala Fashion Event)

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# 1169

Glitter Tank Dress  (Not Free)
8 Colors Available w/ Appliers Included
 by Flair For Events

Hair Celine   (Not Free)
Natural / Fade & Fantasy Colors Available

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# 1168

OPEN March 1
Mesh  Hipster Sweater   (Olala Fashion Event)
Mesh  &  4 Styles 4 Colors Available

.::"LoQ Hair"::.
OrangeJuice   (Not Free)

OPEN March 1
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# 1167

[ Simone Dress ]   (Not Free)
 Physique+ TMP Compatible w/ Tango Appliers

# 1166

:: Miss Canning :: 6 Colors Available
 #TMP ( The Mesh Project ) Valentine Lingerie   (Not Free)
w/ Tango & Omega Appliers

 Alien Ruby Eyeshadow   (Not Free)

Judette  Hair -  (Not Free)

- Hole Bangles   (Not Free)

Letter Heart choker  (Not Free)

# 1165

.::Eyelure Easy::. 
Tee   Stripe Pink {Mesh}  (Not Free)

#TMP ( The Mesh Project ) HighWaist JEGGINGS  (Not Free)
7 Colors Available w/ Appliers Included

Hair "Marie  (Past Gift)

Alien Citrine Eyeshadow  (Not Free)


Barbie Gurl  (Not Free)

# 1164

Laryn Coat, Skirt & Boots   (Not Free)
Mesh w/ Texture Change Hud

 Hair Aspen  (Not Free)
Fantasy / Fade & Natural Colors Available

Fatuma (bronze)   (Not Free)
Necklace & Earring

# 1163

::Purple Candy::
Xana Doll   (Not Free)
w/ Appliers Included

Judette Hair    (Not Free)

- SeLKieS Bangles "Black"  (Not Free)

Lushish Catz
 - La Crux   (Not Free)


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# 1162

Mouth Tee/Sassy Panties   (Not Free)
w/ Various Appliers Included

Alice Project 
Valentine's Angelique (Group Gift) Group Fee $750

[Larissa Flats -Slink Feet FLAT - TMP Bare]   (Not Free)
w/ Color Change HUD

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# 1161

Spellbound Ave Dress Love Me  (Not Free)
**Mesh Dress w/ Texture Changing Hud**

 Yumiko hair  (Not Free)

Amour Fashion 
- Bangled Bracelets - Silver   (Not Free)

Burning For You Slink High   (Not Free)
w/ Texture Changing Hud

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# 1160

.::Purple Candy::.
 Neith   (Not Free)
w/ Appliers Included
**More Colors Available**

Hair Stevie  (Not Free)

*Eternal Dreams*  
Tallulah   (Not Free)

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# 1159

#TMP ( The Mesh Project ) Darlene Bodysuit Blue  (Not Free)
w/ Appliers Included
**8 Colors Available**

Hair Octavia   (Not Free)
Fantasy / Fade & Natural Colors Available

# 1158

Busty Boutique Idelia Pink   (Not Free)
w/ Appliers & Slink Shoes Included

*Soonsiki! Vanity  (Group Gift)

Purple Poses Kalen  (Not Free)

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# 1157

Exclusive Item for Vanity Fair
Start on 20th February to 6th March

.::Supernatural::. Anastasia   (Not Free)
w/ Appliers Included
***Available in 7 Colors***

MG - Bangles - Damasc - SILVER - V2   (Not Free)

:FY: Rebel Collar (16 colors)  (Not Free)

{RS} Kalie Boots V2 High Slink   (Not Free)

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# 1156

VALYNCH-Assout  Bodysuits   (Not Free)
w/ Appliers Included

*CK* Diva Gladiator Heels  (Not Free)

Magika [01] Tonight  (Not Free)

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# 1155

VL~ Valerie Dresses Black  (Not Free)
with Appliers Included

**Available in Color Red**

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# 1154

> Asset < Lamar ßlack & White  Hair  (Not Free)

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# 1153

 - Mesh Dress Blue Champagne  (Event Price)

- Mesh Dress Champagne  (Event Price)

Olala Event Bella Booties w/ Hud  (Event Price)

- Hair Sorrel   (Not Free)

Fearless Wrist and Ankle Cuff Bangles   (Not Free)

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# 1152

.::Midnight Dreams- Swirl Lolita Dress  (Not Free)

.::Stained Glass Swirl Lolita Dress  (Not Free)

::Miss Canning::  
[Betty Heels Slink Feet High Only] 8 CLS

_LeRawr_.. Barbie Gurl  (Not Free)

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# 1151

Elsa Dress Pokie Dots  (Not Free)
Mesh w/ Hud Texture Change

MG -Bracelets and Earrings 
- Ritzy Shimmer Pearls - V1  (Not Free)


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# 1150

 - Lana Love  ßlack  (Event Price)
w/ Appliers Included

- Lana Love  Red   (Event Price)
w/ Appliers Included

- Lauren Boots  (Not Free)

- Hair - Zoe  (Not Free)

- Neige  (Not Free)

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